10:27 p.m.

“News has always been a social enterprise. Today’s news travels through social networks that are both physical and virtual, reaching silently across a single room and instantly around the world. Our task in this class is to explore the nature of social journalism and experiment with using social media to communicate journalism. By the end of the class, you will have demonstrated your ability to analyze the nature of a community and use the tools of social media for journalistic purposes.” – Dr. Stephanie Bor, Social Journalism Professor.


I can hardly remember a time before I was constantly connected to email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You have to keep updating your social networks cites to make it in today’s world. I’ve realized, however, that less is more. Online connections can be unauthentic. You have to relate meaningfully to others.

Hi my name is Kristin Close and I am obsessed with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I have been using social media since high school. I use Facebook to stay in touch with old and new friends and family. Staying in touch with friends and family has been made easier thanks to Facebook and Twitter. Although some people prefer to stay in touch the old school way. For me Twitter is used as an online diary. It’s used for more personal use.

Many use social media such as Facebook to brag. You have to know your intentions. Many Facebook users look for acknowledgment, acceptance, approval and appreciation. In the age of personal branding, most of us have a persona we would like to develop into or maintain. Ego-driven tweets or Facebook updates focus on an agenda. Talk about the things that really matter to you. Before you tweet, ask yourself, “Is it necessary?” Probably not.

It’s common to snap a picture with your phone and upload it to Facebook or email it to a friend. This takes away the experience of being in a moment and sharing it. Your entire audience joins you on your date. Now all of your followers get a goodnight kiss. If you choose to limit the use of your cell phone, you may miss out online, but you won’t miss what’s in front of you.

I need to practice letting go. You may feel rude to disregard certain updates or tweets. It’s okay to give yourself permission to let yesterday’s stream go. This way you won’t need to “catch up” on updates that have passed or creepily “like” someone’s week-old status. You can be part of today’s conversation.

Social media has impacted our daily lives… “You can log out but you can’t opt-out.”



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